ElemCharity: Inara

Each month, the Live Music Challenge will feature a different charity to highlight a worthy cause that may not be on your radar. Please consider giving to these causes as part of your Live Music Challenge donations. If you would like to write about a charity that is close to your heart to help spread the word, please let us know by writing to lmc@freaksactionnetwork.org

This month, Brian Mundy writes about Inara

A few years ago, I came to know a gentleman who played a part in running a United Nations refugee camp in Syria. In addition to being an expert in crisis management at a massive human scale, he was also an aspiring architect. At the time I met him, he was working on large-scale illustrations that tracked how buildings –ancient, historically relevant monuments of human achievement – decay over time in response to bombings and the conflict of war. The illustration required mathematical models pertaining to frequency, intensity, and distance of detonation from the buildings, as well as an understanding of the materials used in the buildings’ construction and how they break down.


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It was a diagram of chaos and destruction, and a roadmap of human loss and suffering.  

He was hoping that his illustration would somehow alert folks to the utter devastation that was occurring in Syria. This was three years ago and he had just returned from the camp. He was in mourning.

When many of us started participation in the #livemusicchallenge last year, it was this gentleman’s illustrations that guided me to INARA (http://www.inara.org). INARA’s mission statement is to provide “access to life-altering & life-saving medical assistance to children impacted by war,” and currently their focus is on helping Syrian children. Children who are wounded in Syria often do not have access to medical care. Once a child is referred to INARA’s network, the child is linked to organizations that can provide medical assistance, and INARA fully finances the child’s medical costs. INARA’s focus is to take on cases that no one else can.

If you’d like to learn more about INARA, go to https://www.inara.org/cases/2018/4/11/ahmad and read the story of Ahmad, who lost his family to fire and received crucial medical care for his burns.

The best thing about #livemusicchallenge is that we can link one of our favorite things to do – seeing live music together – to even more meaning and purpose. INARA started just two years ago, and they have already doubled their budget and have helped dozens of children and their families. The #livemusicchallenge has played a direct role in this, and for that I am proud and grateful.

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