Show Tracking Resources

There have been a few requests for some assistance on tracking what shows you attend during the year. We’re working on some resources, but in the meantime we want to share two items to get you started.


LMC ShowTracker

This is a simple Google Sheet that you can make a copy of, and use to enter your show data. Once you make a copy (in the ShowTracker click the File menu and choose “Make a copy”), you can customize however you’d like.

LMC ShowTracker


LMC Form and Spreadsheet

Want something a little more advanced, where you can use a form to do your data entry that’s accessible and streamlined? Want to do some “advanced” tracking? Follow the instructions in this Google Doc linked below that will help you create your own form and spreadsheet. This will allow you to do things like create automatic show counters, and summary statistics such as how many times you’ve seen a band or gone to a venue. It’s the music stats equivalent of deep cuts.

LMC Form Instructions


How you do (or don’t do) your show tracking is totally up to you! Have fun with it, and let us know how it’s going! There will be future posts on using pivot tables and other tools to get the most of your data, should you be so inclined (it’s how I know that 30.44% of my concert money in 2017 was on Phish tickets, even though they were only 11.88% of the shows I saw…)

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